Some Social Positions of the Late Imperial Era

Some notes I just jotted down for my Mythological Space Setting

Immortals: The legions of the imperial families are composed of large clone regiments and smaller companies of natural borns. While the families would like to stick with purely clone armies the seed DNA degrades over time and clones of clones tend to be inferior. Thus, the small natural born companies allow new seed DNA to be found in the form of exceptional warriors. Selection for cloning is a high honor and the chosen are Immortals, formed into special crack regiments and not only cloned and personally rewarded but their families are rewarded onto three generations. It is not unusual for the family to place a second Immortal in that period and each noble house has a group of semi-permanent Immortal lines (the oldest know line has been able to place an immortal at least once every three generations for 29 generations).

Oracles: Metaphysics whose vision is of little day to day utility but able to engage the flow to see forward in time to possible outcomes. Trained in temples on a handful of planets there are too useful to the Empire to be wiped out despite fear of their ties to the Hidden Clans.

Muses: The grand advisors, Muses are trained in memory, calculation, and integration of knowledge. Separate from the Imperial Houses, the Hidden Clans, the Sisterhoods, and even the Merchant Guilds they are sought by all (except the Sisterhoods) as advisors. Their schools claim Muses have no agenda but merely exist to provide inspiration.

What’s interesting to me is how writing these notes create so much more information. Both the descendants of Pylades/Solo and those of the Leia/Electra now have names (the Hidden Clans and the Sisterhoods) and the later are expanded (I know know there are three Sisterhoods, one for each of Agamemnon’s daughters). The Muses (pseudo-Mentats whose name came from a thread) had appeared and immediately displaced the Sisterhoods in part as a Bene Gesserit analog but also creates a mystery of “what is their agenda”. I have no idea where the Merchant Guilds came from but I needed someone to provide another purchaser of services from the Muses.

Of course, all these names and expansions are tentative but I think it’s a grand example of how just writing brief descriptions of three things creates new details and directions.

2 thoughts on “Some Social Positions of the Late Imperial Era

  1. It often works the same way for me. Once the pen, or my fingers across the keyboard, starts moving, the ideas just seem to spawn each other.

    This looks like a great start. I hope you plan to collect this somehow.

  2. I probably will…I keep threatening under the name “Supplement LV” but for now I think

    I might just publish, actually publish, my own ‘zine…I’ve been thinking about doing a general ‘zine for a while now but I never seem to get off the ground. A gaming ‘zine would probably be a good outlet.

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