How far can you strech OD&D…

In reference to my space game post, I have considered already:

  • OD&D
  • Mutant Future
  • A homebrew based on late 70s RPGs like OD&D and Gamma World

After all, Star Wars Saga is a D20 game and therefore in the D&D tree. My campaign, like Star Wars, is essentially a fantasy game in terms of themes, archetypes, and world (but not plot because there isn’t one…this will still be some form of player directed game…if not true sandbox than a sandbox where the world has a running metaplot).

The biggest hurdle I see is the D&D power curve. I think it’s not appropriate here but something along the lines Gamma World/Mutant Future would be.

What do all the old schoolers reading this thing? Is D&D Supplement LV: Space Monks a bridge too far or another fulfillment of the promise of 1974?

As a brief aside, I was inspired to write this by James Maliszewski’s Epées & Sorcellerie. Specially this brief discussion of wanting as many retro-clones as possible.

5 thoughts on “How far can you strech OD&D…

  1. @both you all: in either case it’ll be a while if I do it at all.

    But I bought a bunch of Greek drama. Which leads to a whole other thread about the important thing in Old School isn’t using Gary’s sources, but having sources.

  2. Oh yeah.

    I honestly thing George would have done a lot better with those prequel movies if he’d leaned a bit more heavily on Oedipus. But he wasn’t really telling the story I wanted him to tell anyway, so…

  3. Yeah, but wouldn’t Oedipus be more for the sequels after 6…Luke, exiled, fells Vader.

    As it is I’m casting Luke as Orestes/Paul, Leia as Electra/Alia (kinda…although maybe Jessica…I often got an incest vibe off her and Paul), and Solo as Pylades/Duncan Idaho.

    I mean, how can you resist Space Hoplites (over Space Monks) with the Sith troopers as Immortals.

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