The to hit table I’ve always wanted…

So, this isn’t exactly a holy revelation but something I like.

One thing I’d like to include in a old school style game is the Chainmail type to hit charts: Weapon vs. AC instead of level.

If you take the following three things:

1. OD&D’s alternate combat tables (well, S&W’s actually)
2. Greyhawk’s weapon vs. AC chart
3. The 3rd edition method of noting combat advances
4. The OD&D use of magic defenses: they subtract from attack roles

you could build such a chart for OD&D easily.

Take the 1st level numbers for 1-9 and use them as the base to add the Greyhawk numbers to. Viola a chart for any level 1 character to hit based on weapon and armor class.

Take the first edition charts and work out a by level to hit bonus for each class and you’re done.

Some advantages

1. It basically gives you Greyhawk’s system without two chart look-ups and the “okay, you’re AC-3 due to magic but the armor is leather..”.

2. You can give magic armor it’s own type on the chart…hell, you can go pure descriptive and get rid of numbers. Want Mithril chainmail to be very effective against points and sharps but, due to it’s lightness, even worse than regular chainmail against blunts, just add a column. If you’re looking to do a science fantasy game this helps a lot.

3. More interesting shield effects are as easy as just treating any shield as a -1 to hit.

4. Giving new classes their own to-hit progression is much easier.

The biggest downside I can see the 5 20’s from later versions would be hard to do.

I’ll try to have my first pass up later tonight.

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