This week’s fun reading…

Another new feature for this blog. Each week I trend to be reading three things: a professional book, a serious book, and something fun and light hearted. Most weeks the last is something that would be good gaming inspiration.

While I have read some Conan (both debased and raw) I will admit to the (in old school D&D circles) sin of not being a huge Howard fan.

That said, I am a huge fan of sword and planet stories from the classic (Barsoom) to the pastiche (Jandar) and the massive (Dray Prescott…I own the entire DAW run) to the unique (Gor…look, there are lots of other words but I wanted something neutral).

That Howard had written one escaped my notice until the past couple of years when Pazio’s Planet Stories line opened with one (you are buying those, right). So far, I’ve only read the introduction, but I am looking forward to it. I’ll probably just sit down on Thanksgiving and read it in one session.

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