Back after an absence…

So, my retro-game, actually my gaming life in general, died about the time of my last post. Hurricane Ike wiped out our local gaming convention (although we weren’t hit directly) and the let down (I was on staff working it for almost a year) combined with other things lead to a general gaming “blah” for a couple of months.

However, reading some old fantasy literature (longish post coming) and some time away has re-energized me.

I setting a goal of one post per week, probably on Saturday or Sunday with more as warranted.

3 thoughts on “Back after an absence…

  1. Sorry to hear about the blahs. I understand all about Ike being a downer. Fortunately, we were lucky and only had to spend a few days in a hotel before we got our power back, and we were fortunate in sustaining hardly any damage.

    As an aside, I just checked out your campaign’s website and I really hope you get it running and keep up the campaign journal. It’s almost painful to realize that y’all are going to be playing so close, but yet so far away (I’m down a little southwest of Houston). Maybe you can give me some inspiration for getting my butt in gear and getting something off the ground in my neck of the woods!

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