I am, in no particular order a radio DJ, roleplayer, wargamer, programmer, armchair philosopher, curmudgeon, military veteran, and monologist. I’ve gone months without sunlight, fought SCA heavy, been married, been divorced, been in a parade in Columbia, run an auction, delivered pizza, run a pizza joint, and been complimented on my cooking. In other words, I have a good and varied life.

One thing I have been doing most of that good and varied life is playing roleplaying games. I started with the blue book version of Dungeons and Dragons edited by Dr. Holmes and Gamma World first edition with Christmas money in 1979. I only bought Gamma World to get dice as the store had sold out of both dice and boxed Holmes Dungeons and Dragons due to the Christmas rush.

Since then I have played or at least owned most of the major RPGs published and plenty of obscure ones. I am always struck by the creativity these games. This blog was born of reading OSR blogs as they took off but is not limited by them. The greatest thing the OSR reminded us was roleplaying games are about your imagination. You can use the barest rules such as OD&D or the most detailed rules and setting from a company (OWoD with full metaplot or a Pathfinder adventure path), but the most important element will remain your imagination’s interactions with that material.

Some links, generally those to DriveThruRPG and Amazon contain affiliate codes. Basically if you go there from my page and within a certain amount of time of clicking the link I get a small commission. Anytime I discuss something I received gratis I will note that specifically.


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